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Do Not Print

Help us save billions of pieces of paper. Add our DO NOT PRINT logo at the bottom of your email. By adding this simple logo to the bottom of your email signature, it reminds people to be conscientiousness about printing email pages that may not need to be printed.

Instead of printing emails, create files on your computer and save them there. You can locate them quicker and long URLs in the email remain "live" so you can simply click on them to go back to a resource on the internet.

Together, we can save billions of pieces of papers per year, plus hundreds of pounds of printer ink and thousands of pounds of plastics from worn out computers that go into the landfills. Thank you for joining our Recycle the World community and helping all of us use less paper and resources.

  • Every ton of paper used is the equivalent of powering a 3 bedroom house for 1 year (3000 - 4000 KWh electricity)

Help us get the word out by simply copying the code below and pasting it into the code below your signature of your emails.


Copy the image below and link to this page: