Free Appliances for Low Income Families

Recycle the World gladly helps out our community by providing a database where low income families can search for free appliances. We know life in this economy is getting harder every day, and that’s why we decided to create a place where members can give back to our community.


If your refrigerator breaks down and you can’t afford a new one, what do you do? You sign up for Recycle the World of course! Our online recycling community is the place to browse for free appliances that can make every day life that much easier. Once you register with your email address, we’ll send you a password you’ll use to log in. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have access to post any items you may see fit to donate, browse through different categories for free items (like a refrigerator!), and post items you need specifically in our wanted items section. If a fellow member sees your post and has what you need, they’ll contact you directly.


Receiving free small appliances for your home is an experience worth sharing! Let your friends and family know about the great ways Recycle the World is helping out the community so other people can benefit, too. As a Recycle the World volunteer, you can let everyone you know in on the great online recycling community we have here. Update your social networking status with our website information. Let a garage sale organizer know they can list leftover goods onto our site. Be sure your local recycling center is listed in our free recycling center listings. There are many ways you can help out a great cause!


Being able to find free appliances online is a great experience that will benefit you and your family. If you’re in need of free items, be sure to sign up with Recycle the World!