Free Computers for Low Income Families

With school already in session, a computer is vital for most families. But what if you can’t afford a new one? No worries! Recycle the World has created an online recycling community to not only reduce the waste in our landfills, but to give back to our community. Our members post their unwanted items (including computers!) so fellow members can get some studying done!


A free desk top computer can make all the difference in everyday life! From keeping in contact with family and friends to finding vital information for that school project, a free desk top computer from Recycle the World could really change your world for the better. To shop for a free computer on RTW, simply register by entering your email address and we’ll send you your password. Use this password to sign into Recycle the World and from there you can post items you no longer need and find the ones you do. And if there’s something in particular you want, you can post about it in our wanted items section and a fellow member will reply to you directly!


Free laptop computers are life changing, and so are the efforts we’re making at Recycle the World! We want everyone who joins our site to feel a part of our community and to benefit from the free, online database we’ve created. If you think we’ve got a good thing going at RTW, why not share it with your family and friends? All you have to do is sign up as a Recycle the World volunteer and start spreading the word! Post RTW’s website as your status update. Let a garage sale organizer know they can post their leftover items on our site. Make sure your local recycling center is listed in our free recycle center listings. There are plenty of ways to help get the word out about Recycle the World!


At Recycle the World, community matters, and that’s why we strive to share our no longer needed goods with others who really do need them. Join Recycle the World and change a life today!